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Whether it is your annual conference, a staff event, a donor gala, or simply keeping your audience engaged throughout the year, you can fulfill your digital vision without needing a hiring spree. Make your life easier and talk to Sardius.

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Why Sardius

As you scale your organization, often one of the biggest challenges is getting alignment between the organizational vision, your expanding team of staff and donors and achieving traction for growth. The answers to these questions related to your organization will be multifaceted, but one area that should not be overlooked is delivering video content in helpful interactive ways that will engage your staff and your audience… but where should you start? You need a smart answer that makes sense financially and will move the vision forward. Sardius loves to dream with organizations and help plan your media strategy moving forward in a way that will steward the resources you have most effectively while achieving the real goals you have set.


Online Events

Whether you are having online or hybrid events, using online tools to help you make the most of your donor gala, your regular staff get-togethers, or your annual conference is so important. These types of events usually consume much time and energy for certain members of your team. Let Sardius take some of this load and help you make the most of these moments.

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A Video + Delivery Platform

Video + OTT delivery systems are in vogue right now, and for good reason. Whether you are trying to engage your wider audience of superfans or communicate on an ongoing basis different types of training to your global staff, making the most of your video content is something you should seriously consider. Creating a metadata-rich content library or training repository is something that Sardius excels in.

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Translated and Time Adjusted Events

Delivering video content reliably, be it through events or ongoing video platforms, is only one aspect of engaging your team. Connecting your audience or your staff to one another in meaningful ways is something that can really move the mission forward. Let Sardius’ rich metadata tools help you create meaningful connections for your entire constituency.

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What our clients Say About Us


We engaged Sardius Media to help our team produce and host our first ever online-only Leadership Conference. The entire team at Sardius Media were a pleasure to work with, remaining flexible, professional and extremely organised from the registration build to post-event. We are so grateful for their expertise and highly recommend them to other organisations wanting to ensure the success of their event!

Sophie Hemphill

Head of Events

HTB and Alpha International

We realize that we contacted the guys at Sardius, late in the day. As a team we’d been looking at the more dynamic components of other online video platforms and from this review, we put together a list of requirements for Sardius to execute. We are so thankful for the way we could work with the team there to create a great experience for everyone.  I’d recommend Sardius to anyone.

Jake Floch

Senior Video Director

Thrive Leadership Conference

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