Corporate Events

Whether you are doing a product launch for your superfans or a staff convention for your global team, the days when everyone can be in the same room at the same time are gone. Create the right tools to communicate the latest vision in compelling ways as well as creating the right level of interactivity and connection that can really increase your morale and your bottom line.

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Why Sardius

Annual staff conferences and new product launches are incredibly important to most organizations. It takes time, money and effort to create the right look, flow, and branding to make your staff and superfans feel like they belong to your brand and to your culture. The blending of virtual tools and on-site events to connect global teams to those onsite is something that needs as much time and energy and yet often we see this relegated to the same video conferencing tools that are used every day. There’s a reason you go off site for some meetings and don’t use the same board room. Dream with Sardius to make these high-watermark meetings as reliable and compelling as they can possibly be for all your attendees, whether on-site or online.


Custom Design and Development

Using social media or regular video conferencing platforms is always going to be part of your toolkit. However, sometimes you need an online location that looks and feels just like you, with your branding, your content for your people… a little exclusivity to do what you like and serve your audience in the most optimal way. Dream with Sardius to make your events the most anticipated and memorable events of the year.

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Exhibition Hall Features

Strategic partners and sponsors are key to many events. For in-person events these partners may show up with exhibitor stands. For the online component of events you need some comparable building blocks for these partners to build a powerful presence at the event and be present to connect in dynamic ways. The Sardius exhibition hall has been repurposed many times for many types of events so that this key relationship can be strengthened.

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Networking Globally

Delivering video content reliably is only one aspect of engaging your team, be it through events or ongoing video platforms. Connecting your audience or your staff to one another in meaningful ways is something that can really move the mission forward. Let Sardius’ rich metadata tools help you create meaningful connections for your entire constituency.

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What our clients Say About Us


It has been a great experience working with Sardius Media. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure Joyce’s Love Life Women’s Conference Live Stream has been successful, providing a wonderful experience for our streamers year after year. If you are looking for a great company, with a caring and extremely knowledgeable staff who will help take your live stream to the next level, look no further.

Jason Diekmann

Joyce Meyer Ministries

For the FILO Conference in 2020, we had to pivot from a fully in-person event to one that was completely done online and without the team from Sardius Media, we would not have been able to make it all work. They dove into solving the problems that our ideas generated and helped us to refine those ideas into something that would actually work. Their technical expertise along with their amazing project management skills helped us craft an event that the FILO Conference team was proud of and that our attendees loved. In the build-up to our event, they asked all the right questions, they tested the platform in multiple ways and at multiple times, and during the event, they were available for any last-minute changes and just to make sure everything work according to plan. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with the people of Sardius Media again!

Todd Elliott



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