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The ways that music sells have changed again and again over the past two decades as streaming platforms have become the model of choice for so many. While the artists need to be on the mainstream platforms to be discovered, the revenue split is not always the most favorable. That is why providing a niche platform to your superfans is the way to serve, provide the best value and change the revenue split in your favor.

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Why Sardius

If you are going to be successful in the music industry, it’s helpful not only to be on the mainline streaming and social media platforms, but also to be able to create exclusive space to connect with your audience with pre-releases, entire music catalogs, live events and branded exclusive experiences. You need a partner who understands and builds exactly what is going to speak to your audience.


Customize your Platform

Your brand is everything, from the music to the design to your language and how you interact with your audience.  What if you could create your own app and web portal that communicated this all in spades. Let Sardius dream with you and create just what you need.

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Monetize Your Music

Whether it is one off custom events or ongoing subscriptions to your back catalog or exclusive features, with your own platform you are not taking home a meager split, but the lion’s share.

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Energize Your Audience

Touring is important, but what if you could create the perfect exclusive space to energize your super fans on an ongoing basis no matter where they are in the world. Exclusive events, prereleases and much much more to build the base of super fans.

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Plus so much more!

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What our clients Say About Us


We engaged Sardius Media to help our team produce and host our first ever online-only Leadership Conference. The entire team at Sardius Media were a pleasure to work with, remaining flexible, professional and extremely organised from the registration build to post-event. We are so grateful for their expertise and highly recommend them to other organisations wanting to ensure the success of their event!

Sophie Hemphill

Head of Events

HTB and Alpha International

The team at Sardius is the best of the best. When we started our partnership together on our first live-streamed event, we had very little clue about the process and what it would take to get to the finish line. From the beginning of the process, all the way to the end, Sardius coached us through every single step. They bring a lot to the table: knowledge and skill, humility, dedication, attention to detail, grace and best of all: fun. They felt like a part of our team and we walked away with partners for the long haul for our streamed-events. This first event that we partnered on, was nothing short of a smashing success. Made possible by none other than the team at Sardius.

Chelsea Pribyl



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