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Learning Environments from Your Media Library

Whether it is for your staff or another learning community, you want to figure out how to maximize the video training and communication that you create on a consistent basis for this audience. Work with the Sardius Media Platform to create compelling journeys and ways of engaging your content beyond one off events that can train your audience in the areas where they need to grow.

Engage and Train Your Audience
All Year Round

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Why Sardius

You are an expert in your field or you represent an organization that has real depth in training materials, but organizing that material and displaying it in compelling, easy to navigate ways is something that needs help. We would love to help make this job a whole lot easier.


Advanced Metadata Engine

One of the most powerful metadata engines on the enterprise markets, not only can you organize your content by a wide assortment of fields, but you can add "meta meta data" adding files, photos or other categories to each field creating a rich search experience.

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Feeds and Queries

Our feed and query engine gives you the ability to segment and display your content in a multitude of ways, giving you the ability to create channels based around all manner of categories and metadata, serving your audience in just the way they want.

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A Unified Publishing Approach

So, you have a new web video series and accompanying podcast that needs to be published on a weekly basis to different audience segments with the Sardius Media Platform you can upload once, schedule what you want published and where it needs to go. Let us do the heavy lifting.

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Plus so much more!

Set up a demo so we can dream together how to make an amazing online church experience.

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What our clients Say About Us


It has been a great experience working with Sardius Media. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure Joyce’s Love Life Women’s Conference Live Stream has been successful, providing a wonderful experience for our streamers year after year. If you are looking for a great company, with a caring and extremely knowledgeable staff who will help take your live stream to the next level, look no further.

Jason Diekmann

Joyce Meyer Ministries

I have been so grateful to have the Sardius team partnering with us for a variety of different events we have been broadcasting. Their whole team is incredibly knowledgeable and focused to supporting us and our work. Having the Sardius team with us during our live events has been key to ensuring smooth broadcasts and excellent support. Whenever I am asked how to stream an event I always point people to Sardius as they have made my life much easier!

Kyle Healy

Global Leadership Network

Global Leadership Network

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