Churches & Ministries

Trying to achieve a solid broadcast or aiming at full online discipleship?

Serving Christian ministries and churches isn’t just a business for Sardius. Our team has been doing this 24/7 (literally!) for over a decade. You might say it is a calling!

It starts with getting the basics of a solid broadcast, but ministry isn't one way. True discipleship can only occur with real interaction. No matter where you fall in the spectrum we can help out.

With our ministry clients the needs typically boil down to two main areas:

Weekly Services and Meetings - Providing an interactive live experience on a weekly basis. More than a one way streaming broadcast. You are looking for tools that can truly help disciple your community with your volunteer team. Whether you have multiple campuses or multiple ministries we can make it all work together seamlessly. 

Video on Demand Platform - Outside of the live experience, how do you engage and equip your community through a powerful online video platform that is a white label ongoing interaction hosted at your own URL?

We can serve you for the one-off annual conferences with our bespoke events, but our guess is your tech team needs something reliable and versatile to build with and that is just what Sardius offers. 

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Interactive features

Interactive Features

  • White Label Players and Sites that serve multisite churches or complex ministry models
  • Multitrack Audio and Video to support translated broadcasts
  • Powerful Biography Metadata Tool making connections to social media, donations and product sales easier
  • Most powerful calendar to create master broadcast event plan
  • Customized User Roles and Permissions are perfect for Volunteer Staff
  • Registration for Paid or Free Events
  • Integrations with Donor Software
  • Ministry Pricing

Leaving a Legacy with the Sardius Online Video Platform

  • For communicators or organizations who have decades of messages covering numerous topics, communicated to different audiences. The Library gives you an unprecedented way to help connect your audience to a lifetime of messaging. It is a flexible tool that we can help you implement your message that becomes an investment in your people for generations to come.
Online Video Platform

What They Say About Us


We realize that we contacted the guys at Sardius, late in the day. As a team we’d been looking at the more dynamic components of other online video platforms and from this review, we put together a list of requirements for Sardius to execute. We are so thankful for the way we could work with the team there to create a great experience for everyone.  I’d recommend Sardius to anyone.

Jake Floch

Senior Video Director

Thrive Leadership Conference

The team at Sardius is the best of the best. When we started our partnership together on our first live-streamed event, we had very little clue about the process and what it would take to get to the finish line. From the beginning of the process, all the way to the end, Sardius coached us through every single step. They bring a lot to the table: knowledge and skill, humility, dedication, attention to detail, grace and best of all: fun. They felt like a part of our team and we walked away with partners for the long haul for our streamed-events. This first event that we partnered on, was nothing short of a smashing success. Made possible by none other than the team at Sardius.

Chelsea Pribyl



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