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Broadcasting may be more accessible. But it’s also more complex than ever.

The average mid-size organization has hundreds of applications in its tech stack, and leaders are looking for ways to streamline their workflows.

Sardius Media helps you simultaneously simplify and optimize your operation. The feature-rich Sardius Platform is backed by industry-leading broadcast expertise. Transform your broadcast workflow with the help of a team that understands the assignment and has been helping broadcasters for decades.
Targeted Solutions

Transform Your Broadcasts

Broadcasts are complex and overwhelming operations. Regain peace of mind with your day-to-day activities through a one-stop solution designed for broadcasters.

Quality Encoding

Create smooth, effortless experiences that never sacrifice broadcasting quality with best-in-class encoding solutions feeding flexible HLS entry points.

Optimized Distribution

Use global storage and distribution solutions and the latest AI support to share your broadcast with redundancy and ease—no matter where your audience is watching.

Automated Engagement

Improve engagement with live and VOD content through AI-powered tools that put everything from subtitles to metadata to socials on autopilot.

Customers already using
the Sardius Platform

Here are a handful of the customers already benefiting from the Sardius Platform.

Client Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about using the Sardius Platform.
Sardius has been an outstanding partner to us at Guild over this past year as we ventured into the virtual event environment for the first time. They were organized and collaborative with us and our production and design teams and went above and beyond to be communicative and transparent throughout the entire process. It was a very pleasant experience, and we look forward to working with them as we plan for our next virtual/hybrid event.
Barry Horn
EVP, National Production, Guild Mortgage
I've told everyone the same story - Sardius is the only company in streaming that brings the five most important elements together: Experience, Technology, Content, Video on Demand, and Mobile Apps
Adam Burton
Lutheran Church of Hope
I truly believe everyone at Sardius is part of our team at CedarCreek! I appreciate everything you do to help us be successful in reaching new and existing people. I am so thankful that you are part of what we are doing at CedarCreek. I am so thankful for your constant investment in CedarCreek Church. I am so thankful that you lean in and challenge us in new ways! Thank you!
Jason Jones
Cedar Creek


Tap into a wide range of features designed to enhance, automate, and simplify the broadcasting experience. Here is a sample of the dozens of features that come with the Sardius Platform.

Global Storage

Store your audio and video files in the cloud with confidence


Use automation to help you create, connect, and even add to live feeds.

Watch Folders

Automate the processing and uploading of every video and content file to your library.

Live Monitoring

Keep tabs on every aspect of your broadcast, event, or service in real time

Site & Feed Analytics

Learn how users access your video feeds. Then, make adjustments to tailor to those preferences.

Viewer Analytics

Gain a greater understanding of who you serve and how you can serve them better by collecting, organizing, and utilizing viewer data—all without breaking a sweat.

Concurrent Live Streams

Effortlessly launch and end recurring live stream events.


Global audiences require accessible content. Stay intimate while reaching a larger crowd through live translation subtitles designed to make any event available around the world.


Unify diverse viewing environments in a single, consistent player that remains the same no matter the device.


Audible content is a powerful format and a top preference for many audiences. Automatically expand your reach by repurposing your video content in podcast form.

AI Transcriptions

Transcripts and subtitles make it easier to search video content and pull quotes during and after an event. Confidently create these with a click of a button, knowing your crowd will be able to understand them.

Asset Management

Automate the processing and uploading of every video and content file to your library.

Video on Demand Clipping

Easily isolate soundbites and video clips for socials and other content repurposing

Simulated Live

Launch simulated live sessions with minimal effort.

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