May 30, 2024

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Jono Hall
COO Sardius Media
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Sardius Media Launches Rock RMS Video Plugin to Streamline Video Synchronization to Rock Platform

Sardius Media Launches Rock RMS Video Plugin to Streamline Video Synchronization to Rock Platform

The Rock RMS Rock Shop now offers a Sardius Media Plugin for Video Feed Syncing from the Sardius Control Panel to Rock RMS accounts.

Kansas City, MO - July 05, 2023 - Sardius Media LLC a leading Online Video Platform provider for Live streaming and Video on Demand Workflows announced the availability of their Rock RMS Feed Sync Plugin, a powerful tool designed to streamline church video management and enhance communication between church staff and members.

The Sardius Media Feed Sync plugin will import your video content and associated metadata from a Sardius Media Feed into Rock RMS for use in the Media Accounts section. This allows you to easily embed your videos on Rock and track detailed metrics when using the Rock Player.  The Plugin can be downloaded directly from the Rock RMS Rock Shop at the following link

“Sardius is thrilled to offer a seamless integration for our clients to be able to sync their content from our control panel to their Rock RMS sites and players,”
Jason Shore, Sardius Media CEO. 

“With the recent addition of several new non-profit and faith based clients we really feel this integration will help with their video delivery, connectivity to the Rock RMS CRM platform.   

Rock RMS is an open-source church management platform used by churches around the world. Sardius Media’s plugin enhances the capabilities of the platform providing an even more robust set of features and functionality. 

Learn More about Sardius Media’s online video platform solutions at

About Sardius Media

Sardius Media is a global provider of Live and On Demand video delivery experiences for online events and conferences. Our Online Video Platform delivers a wide variety of viewer journeys all managed through our serverless platform running on multiple CDN’s.  Sardius LIVE Online Video Platform - one of the most intuitive and reliable online video platforms on the market. The Sardius team is dedicated to excellence in service and we look forward to serving your team!

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Jono Hall
COO Sardius Media

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