Love Life Women’s Conference

Love Life Women’s Conference

July 15, 2020

The Challenge

Joyce Meyer is one of the most well-loved Christian teachers around the world; her teaching and conferences have been carried on television networks in every nation on the planet for decades and multiple millions have been attracted to Joyce’s incredibly practical approach to scripture. Not only are people attracted to Joyce’s teaching, but the humanitarian work undertaken by Hand of Hope – the global mission’s arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) has grown into a respected organization bringing help and hope to millions around the world.

The challenge set for Sardius Media was to create a unique online experience for the online audience of JMM for their Love Life Women’s Conference ensuring consistency with branding and creating the same quality online experience as the attendees get in person.

Different stakeholders within JMM had different project requests but Sardius was up for the task. “Sometimes clients come to us, just a few weeks before their event,” said Ari Burt, VP of Sales and Co-Founder at Sardius “We’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat more than once, and we’re happy to do that, but what I loved about this event was that we had enough time to dream together with JMM, hear their wish list and create for them exactly what they wanted and more”

The requirement list included:

  • A segmented registration process, with different experiences created for different groups or individuals at different price points, which also included all the payment processing.
  • A dynamic watch page for the live event, with the page itself changing look and design based upon what was happening on stage and a countdown clock between sessions or changing language based on what was selected.
  • A rock-solid streaming experience that would also have sections broadcast on social media channels.
  • Immediate clipping of video highlights that had just been streamed to be translated over the social media.
  • A multilingual approach to the conference, with both the video and the online experience taking place in five different languages.
  • A dynamic archive of past sessions so attendees can catch up on sessions they might have missed.
  • Donations links within the player.

“We listened to all the requirements of JMM,” said Jason Shore, CEO of Sardius “And we made it happen – it’s just what we do”. With this conference, Sardius had staff onsite with JMM to ensure everything without a hitch, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. No matter whether Sardius is onsite or simply supporting from a distance, the Sardius team always works hand-in-glove with ministries design and media teams to ensure the viewers got the JMM experience. One, perhaps more unique, element of the JMM audience is that a significant number have been followers of Joyce’s teaching for decades, meaning they are not necessarily “digital natives”. Sardius makes its processes easy for such an audience.

The Result

This was the first conference that JMM had streamed, but it was such a success, that Sardius has served JMM conferences ever since, with the online audience growing exponentially through the years. Jason Diekmann from JMM said

It has been a great experience working with Sardius Media. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure Joyce’s Love Life Women’s Conference Live Stream has been successful, providing a wonderful experience for our streamers year after year. If you are looking for a great company, with a caring and extremely knowledgeable staff who will help take your live stream to the next level, look no further.
Jason Diekmann from JMM

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