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Engaging your internal team as well as your super fans

Organizations move at the speed of the morale of the internal team and that often comes from ensuring vision cohesion and that the right segments of your organization have the right information at the right time. It is also critical to ensure your "super fans" stay connected. Sardius has you covered on all fronts.

Sardius can offer all the benefits of highly interactive events, such as your annual staff meeting for your internal team so you can keep global teams connected.

Also keep everyone connected on an ongoing basis with the Sardius Media CMS. Ensuring the right teams get the right communications, training and vision casting at the right time.

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LIVE Features

  • Customizable accounts to provide unique experiences for each segment of your internal and external constituents.
  • Interactive features to facilitate easy communication between different levels of staff and customers
  • Integrations with your CRM to ensure all the engagement on the platform is updated on your source of truth.
  • Polls, Chat and Watch Parties
  • Hosted on your URL with white label branding so it looks and feels like you.

The Online Video Platform

  • Events are a key component to your success, but giving your constituents ongoing access to communication from your organization, be it training videos, historical archival videos and audio or strategic or visionary communication that needs to be distributed throughout the organization can be even more important.

The Sardius OVP can give you access to provide your people with a steady, easily digestible stream of your content.

Features include:

Organize thousands of media assets with ease

Powerful feed, category and metadata engine to display just what you want, where you want it

Bio feature

Segment your audience to give different access to different people

Online Video Platform

What They Say About Us


We realize that we contacted the guys at Sardius, late in the day. As a team we’d been looking at the more dynamic components of other online video platforms and from this review, we put together a list of requirements for Sardius to execute. We are so thankful for the way we could work with the team there to create a great experience for everyone.  I’d recommend Sardius to anyone.

Jake Floch

Senior Video Director

Thrive Leadership Conference

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