Enjoying your Experience at FILO 2022 Chicago? Want to take your online event to another level?

Maybe we can also help you make your online event truly memorable too?

At Sardius Media, we love coming alongside teams like FILO to dream together and execute an amazing online event.

We understand how a well-planned and executed event can make all the difference for an organization in sharing a vision, mobilizing a movement and uniting an audience behind a common cause. But is it really possible to create and capture the same emotion and presence of moment with an online platform? After all, aren’t we all video-conferenced out?

“Zoom-fatigue” is something many of us are dealing with, but at Sardius Media we believe that doesn’t have to be the experience of an online conference. Sardius has been serving ministry, corporate, and government clients with live streaming and video-on-demand solutions seeing millions of individuals connect with the dreams and visions of our clients through immersive online moments.

We'd appreciate an opportunity to show you how our two flagship services can help you:

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Trying to achieve a solid broadcast or aiming at full online discipleship?

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A picture of a gathering

Curating the Moments that Change Lives with Sardius LIVE

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So let's talk

At Sardius, we love to listen as well as talk. It’s our delight to meet your needs.

Let’s discuss solutions together!

We’d love to spend a few moments discovering what you would like to achieve with your online events or library - maybe we can give you a few ideas and show you some of what Sardius has done in the past - just fill out your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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