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The Sardius Media team has been serving ministry, corporate, and government clients with live streaming and video-on-demand solutions for over a decade. We have served many Christian ministries because the genesis of the Sardius team was overseeing a 24/7 prayer broadcast for many years (and we still do this today!). From this jumping-off point, the team began to serve more and more clients until Sardius Media began in 2014.Supporting many large scale events with live-broadcasts and on-demand video combined with much custom development for large clients is how we grew and what we continue to do. Through all of this “in-the-field” work, we have come to understand that although most of our solutions have been custom-built there are so many commonalities for many of our enterprise clients. Therefore, in 2020 we rolled out the Sardius LIVE Online Video Platform - one of the most intuitive and reliable online video platforms on the market. The Sardius team is dedicated to excellence in service and we look forward to serving your team!

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Jason Shore
Founder & CEO
Mike Reed
Founder & CTO
Ari Burt
Jono Hall
Josh Ruff
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For the FILO Conference in 2020, we had to pivot from a fully in-person event to one that was completely done online and without the team from Sardius Media, we would not have been able to make it all work. They dove into solving the problems that our ideas generated and helped us to refine those ideas into something that would actually work. Their technical expertise along with their amazing project management skills helped us craft an event that the FILO Conference team was proud of and that our attendees loved. In the build-up to our event, they asked all the right questions, they tested the platform in multiple ways and at multiple times, and during the event, they were available for any last-minute changes and just to make sure everything work according to plan. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with the people of Sardius Media again!

Todd Elliott


Sardius has been an outstanding partner to us at Guild over this past year as we ventured into the virtual event environment for the first time. They were organized and collaborative with us and our production and design teams and went above and beyond to be communicative and transparent throughout the entire process. It was a very pleasant experience, and we look forward to working with them as we plan for our next virtual/hybrid event.

Barry Horn

EVP, National Production

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