Mike Bickle Online Library

Mike Bickle Online Library

July 16, 2020

Mike Bickle, Founder and Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, has been preaching and teaching weekly for over 40 years. He has over 3000 messages of which many include video, audio and text formats combined with accompanying teaching materials. The Sardius Team have been serving the International House of Prayer for over a decade, with many of the innovations in the Sardius LIVE and CHURCH products derived from requirements discovered through the process of streaming 24/7 for nearly 20 years in addition to the large conferences that IHOPKC hosts. However, a rethink was in order related to Mike Bickle’s Online Library.

What were the requests

  1. Hosting and organizing a large media (of different types) library that could be displayed with a compelling user interface.
  2. Creating an in-depth metadata engine that could be searched and filtered in a moment.
  3. Integrating the workflow of this specific library with an alternate workflow, providing a solution to enable the IHOPKC media team to upload media assets to the general IHOPKC Video CMS as well as Mike Bickle’s library concurrently, using the same metadata, to avoid duplication of work effort.
  4. Displaying the content in different feeds with series, topics, bible verses and dates.

The Result

Sardius CHURCH provides a powerful metadata engine to give the right framework to many of the challenges presented in this problem. Yet with such a large library of multi-format media was in itself was a challenge which Sardius had to overcome. The result, however, is a stylish library that can be searched in many ways and can continue to grow over time. After launch, the new site has continued to increase in traffic. Dean Briggs, VP of Messaging at IHOPKC said: “The new mikebickle.org site looks better than anything we talked about or expected”.

“I am so thankful for the Sardius Team, they have provided such excellent service to the audience of IHOPKC through the years delivering our online video for our 24/7 Prayer Room webstream, our weekend services and events and now this new library of my teaching through the years - I recommend their work to any other ministry”
- Mike Bickle

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